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Teaching and Learning is all about relationships – between teachers, students, subjects, and families.

At the South Bronx Early College Academy, the best kind of learning emerges from relationships. As an educational community responsible for designing learning experiences and guiding students through challenges that build skills and intellectual capacities, we are committed to creating a school culture based on trust, collaboration, and the authentic challenges associated with a range of pursuits – art, computer science, health, history, literature, math, music, and science.

As a member of the SBECA educational community, these are principles and practices that frame your professional life:

A project-based curriculum in which students grapple with challenges that build skills and understanding, answering essential and vital questions with support from their teachers,

A community of teachers as learners, working closely together to help students develop the capacities for success in life and school,

An active partnership with WHEDco, a community-based organization working with families and supporting students for 25 years in the Bronx,

A network of family supports and structures to address the academic and personal needs of students and their families, and

Partnerships with NYC higher education, offering professional expertise and graduate interns as teachers, tutors, and social workers.