Alex Lopez Reitzes, 6th Grade Art Teacher: alopez@sbecacs.org

André Harris, Lead Physical Education/Health Teacher: aharris@sbecacs.org

Angelique Angrum, 7th Grade History Teacher: aangrum@sbecacs.org

Amrit Singh, 7th Grade Math Teacher: asingh@sbecacs.org

Bruce Stansbury, 6th Grade Science Teacher: bstansbury@sbecacs.org

Catherine Toussaint, Director of Compliance: ctoussaint@sbecacs.org

David Kent, 6th Grade History Teacher: dkent@sbecacs.org

Dennis Redmoon Darkeem, Art Teacher: ddarkeen@sbecacs.org

Dulce Rico, Administrative Assistant: drico@sbecacs.org

Emily Packet, Lead English Teacher: epacket@sbecacs.org

Emmanuel Nivar, Social Worker: enivar@sbecacs.org

Jason Adolphus, 6th Computer Science Teacher:  jadolphus@sbecacs.org

Kathy Dudley,7th Grade Literature Teacher: kdudley@sbecacs.org

Katie Aylwin, Director of Integrated Programs: kaylwin@sbecacs.org

Katie McCaskie, Social Worker/Counselor: kmccaskie@sbecacs.org

Kelly Powers, Director of Computing and Technology: kpowers@sbecacs.org

Larraine Hahn, 7th Grade Math Teacher: lhahn@sbecacs.org

Leola Brady-Price, 7th Grade Science Teacher: lbrady-price@sbecacs.org

Mario Rodriguez, 7th grade History Teacher: mrodriguez@sbecacs.org

Peter Ullian, 6th Grade Literature Teacher: pullian@sbecacs.org

Ray Acosta, Fit 4 Life Physical Education Teacher: racosta@sbecacs.org

Ric Campbell, Executive Director: rcampbell@sbecacs.org

Rudy Diaz, 7th Grade Teaching Assistant: rdiaz@sbecacs.org

Shanon Colligan, Special Education Coordinator: scolligan@sbecacs.org

Stephanie Jarvois, 6th Grade Science Teacher: sjarvois@sbecacs.org

Susan Diaz-Chea, 6th Grade Math Teacher: sdiaz-chea@sbecacs.org

Victoria Campbell, 7th Grade Literature Teacher: vcampbell@sbecacs.org