The South Bronx Early College Academy Charter School (South Bronx Academy) is a NYSED authorized New York State charter school, approved by the Board of Regents in December 2013 and opened its doors to 110 6th grade students in September 2015. Chartered as a middle school serving grades 6-8, the South Bronx Early College Academy will seek an extension from NYSED in its second year to extend its educational program through grade 12, with a plan that will allow students to complete college courses and earn college credit during grades 11 and 12. Please refer to the Curriculum page on this website for details of the learning plan for all students.

The South Bronx Academy Mission Statement

The South Bronx Early College Academy Charter School (Early College Academy) will provide a rigorous and comprehensive liberal arts education to students in the South Bronx through a challenging, New York State (NYS) Common Core standards-aligned curriculum. The Early College Academy will establish a learning environment that emphasizes differentiation and personalization of instruction and a student-centered and fully inclusive approach to teaching and learning. Students will graduate from the Early College Academy prepared for success in college and for active and thoughtful citizenship.